May 18, 2024

In Kind Donation Fundraising Events

Almost every religious group of the world organizes for fundraising events in order to be able to assist those in need. Sometimes all of the funds go to certain organizations linked to that religious group like a charity school maybe and at other times the money which is gathered is used for the maintenance of the worship place. Individuals and organizations come forward to provide these religious groups with funds or even various sorts of gifts and make the fundraising event a success.

Whenever there is a disaster in any part in-kind donation of the world various fundraising events are held throughout the globe and the money as well as the donations that are thus collected are sent directly to the victims of the disaster and their families. Often times it is seen that celebrities and famous personnel come forward to either organize or actively take part in such an event. One very famous fundraising event was held back in the year 1985 when Live Aid was held to gather money and these donations were sent to Ethiopia,Guest Posting Africa as a famine relief. It was in this event that all the big celebrities of the time – from U2 to David Bowie, from Elvis Costello to Queen – performed and helped to raise funds for the famine. Fundraising events were held for the greatest disasters of recent times from the Tsunami of 2004 to Hurricane Katrina. In a fundraising event, dedicated to a disaster, it is not only money that is donated but even clothes, food and various other gifts are given to be sent to the affected.

Political leaders organize for fundraising events in order to gather money which help them in their campaigns. In the United States organizations that have been established for charitable purposes are given the license to raise funds and for that they need not pay any taxes. It is often seen that many newly established organizations ask for individuals to enlist themselves as volunteers and these volunteers are expected to raise funds for the institution from wherever they can. Usually students come forward as volunteers and they raise funds from their friends and parents as well as from friends of the family by informing them about the charitable or helpful purposes of the particular organization.

Various sports events and tournaments are also held around the world with the aim of fundraising for certain charitable organizations or for the victims of a calamity. Cricket tournament are often held for this purpose where members from all the teams come together to play as a single group and raise funds from the public who buy the tickets in order to view this event. Apart from helping out people in need, building relationships with the donors is the main purpose of fundraising events, especially when organized by an organization.